Jason Eichorst

USAA Financial Services,
San Antonio, Texas

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Social scientific researcher with an ability to integrate multidisciplinary perspectives, to develop concepts, to create appropriate research design, to execute qualitative and quantitative methodologies, and to communicate this expertise to non-expert audience. I have developed and published original quantitative research in computational social sciences that employs recent advancements in numerical methods (natural language processing, MLE, stochastic processes). To do so, I have trained myself as an advanced user of R and Perl, and a beginner at Python. To validate an original measure that I created, I conducted mass surveys in Qualtrics and recruited subjects from Amazon MTurk. In other research, I automated the analysis of every model permutation (174,703 models), presented the output using a simple format, and demonstrated robust support for the theoretical argument.

I currently contribute as Decision Scientist at USAA Financial Services on the Experience Analytics team. The team is a mixed-methods research group that generates data-driven solutions for modeling member engagement with our financial products. I develop concepts, generate theories, and test hypotheses. In this role, I have developed business recommendations while using new types of data to resolve new types of problems. This includes projects that evaluate the effects of policy decisions with the objective of isolating financial inefficiencies in execution. This also gives me an opportunity to further support analysts and business partners on effective statistical analysts.

My published work focuses broadly on democratic governance and employs quantitative and qualitative methods to demonstrate support for my theoretical arguments. This includes natural language processing, elite interviews, case studies, web-scraping, and maximum likelihood estimation. I explore these topics cross-nationally in established and less-established democracies, with a regional focus on Latin America. I have received research support from the US National Science Foundation and the German National Science Foundation, earning approximately 650,000 USD total from both countries. My work has been published in European Journal of Political Research, Electoral Studies, Legislative Studies Quarterly, and Journal of Politics.

Field research in Latin America and Western Europe informs my perspective. While collecting original data from the government archives in Latin America, I interviewed in a non-native language a former president of Bolivia, the former president of the 2008 Ecuadorian constitution assembly, and more than 100 legislators. In Ecuador, I was a visiting researcher at the Facultad Latinoamericana de Ciencias Sociales (Latin American School of Social Sciences) and contributed to graduate lectures on research design. I have held prior positions at Lewis & Clark College in Portland, Oregon and the University of Mannheim in Mannheim, Germany and I have given guest lectures in Asia, Europe, Latin America, and the US on topics of Latin American politics, Gender & Ethnic Politics, Human Rights, Political Representation, and Democratic Governance.

La Paz, Bolivia

Lima, Peru